What Makes Christian Mingle a Good Dating Site

If you are new to the online dating, you must be aware that   Christianmingle.com is one of the most well-known dating sites where you can meet and befriend single Christians. Hence, its name. However there is more to this website than meets the eye. The site indeed is a large community with various chat rooms and interactive forums as well as instant messaging and picture sharing, and so much more. Single people from all walks of life join this community in an effort to meet someone whom they might find themselves interested in. Some of them are very hopeful that they will also their lifetime partner here.

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Before embarking yourself into the bandwagon, you might find yourself cogitating on whether or not this site is safe to be in. To a great extent, I believe that a dating website’s quality will greatly depend on its users. Notwithstanding of course the aesthetic aspect of the website itself such as the layout, functionality and design. Online dating these days has slowly become an accepted norm and its all because it offers its users convenient way of meeting other single individuals.


Let us try to delve deeper into the core of the Christian mingle website and what it has to offer. Through the years, the site has gained a good reputation for itself making it a go-to site for those individuals whose main criterion on their lifetime partner would be their faith or religious affiliation. It should  not as a surprise  that people would want to have in their partner the same faith and convictions that they have in themselves, knowing that this is indeed  a good foundation of a solid and lasting relationship.


With over 6 million users and still growing,  there is a high possibility that there is someone out of that huge number of people living in the same region  as you and can make a connection  with. When it comes to using the website’s interface  it can be regarded  as very user-friendly. A plus on this is that they are giving their members valuable tips and reminders when it comes to meeting someone and how to have  a great date.


If you are interested in joining the community, you will need to create a profile for yourself and fill out the required fields together with the qualities of the person that you are most interested to meet and may be have a date with. Taking into consideration too that not all Christian singles definitely share the same set of values as some tend to be more conservative while others find themselves to be more liberal, this is one good way wherein you have the chance to connect with someone whom you find to have more alignment to the things you deem to be more important.


Same with other online dating sites, you need to take conscious effort of taking care of yourself and your interest. The website itself can only do so much for you in terms of safeguarding your interest, beyond that you are on your own. The question of whether or not Christian Mingle site is a scam should be ruled out this early on. It is a legitimate and safe website to go to if you are okay with the idea of meeting someone you may find yourself interested in. The site has a number of good and unique  features that are put in place and  are geared towards helping their members find their perfect match, at least to their own personal standards. If you think that meeting someone who shares the same faith and convictions that you have is a big challenge if done online, well Christian Mingle site definitely wanted to rule that out.  They are making things possible for you.


My Honest Christian Mingle Review

Christian Mingle Dating is an online dating website which is very popular among the Christian community. It is a dating website that brings together matching singles with similar interest and high compatibility with each other. It has an easy to use interface, having all the basic features of popular online dating websites and also some added unique features of its own that sets it apart from other such websites. Here’s a brief discussion on the pros and cons of this website.

Online dating websites have been quite successful in finding proper matches. The profile, photograph and interests shared on such websites help in choosing the partners. In today’s busy world where internet is a part daily life, online dating services are of great help. As such, many number of such dating websites like Lovestruck.com, Ashley Madison, Chemistry.com, eHarmony, etc. have come up.

When it comes to Christian Mingle Dating, there are certain unique features that set it apart from others of its kind. The user has to provide with his/her personality profile while signing up for the website. It helps Ideal matches are found with the help of user personality profile and questionnaire. Users can connect via email, chat or photo-sharing.

The special features provided by this website are:

  • An advanced profile searching engine
  • The membership for women is free
  • Authentic Profile Photos
  • The provision to see who has view your profile
  • The provision to see who is currently online and available for chat
  • Search option that can be filtered in terms of appearance of the individual, ethnic background, gender, chief interests, location, and pictures posted on your profile, religion, etc.
  • There is also provided an anonymous email box

The recent statistics on the website shows that it has 11,000,000 visitors every month and a total of 1,800,000 unique visitors, which is 2237.7% more than the average of all dating websites. The unique visitors comprises of 38% males and 62% females, 13% blacks and 2% Asians. It is seen that the age group with the highest visitors are of the age 45-54 years. In terms of occupation, College goers account for 71% of visitors. This website has a total of over 1,000,000 members worldwide.

The cons of this website include the fact that it is restricted to the Christian community and that joining this website is more expensive than any other dating website. There is however free browsing and limited search provisions.

If you are willing to spend some money to give yourself the chance to find your perfect match through one of the most popular online tools designed for that purpose, sign up for Christian Mingle Dating (www.christianmingle.com) and start looking for your date today.